Peer Review Process

1. Submitted manuscripts in Indonesian Law Journal will be reviewed by 2 reviewers.
2. Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed using double blind review system.
3. Plagiarism Screening towards submitted manuscripts is done in editorial and reviewer system.
4. In this process, novelty, objectivity, method, scientific implication, conclusion and references of the manuscripts will be taken into consideration. Recommendations will be as follows:

  • Accept Submission: accepting with no revision needed.
  • Revision Required: revision may be required yet no review needed and the manuscript will be proceed with editing process.
  • Resubmit for Review: Revision and re-review will be required.
  • Resubmit Elsewhere: The manuscript will recommended to be resubmitted to other Journals.
  • Decline Submission: Manuscripts will be declined for being unqualified.
  • See Comments: Submitted manuscripts need to be revised as recommended

5. The submitted manuscript will be considered accepted as it indicates its contribution to the development in legal field, research novelty, article sifnificance, content validity, originality level and systematic writing.