• Juvelin Rezara Southwest University of Political Science and Law
  • Marcellino Gonzales Sedyantoputro Southwest University of Political Science and Law
Keywords: disputes settlement, territorial disputes among countries, International law and other aspects, legal binding resolution, and non-legal binding resolution


International law is a set of international rules originated from agreements or conventions among countries that is justified as a legal norm to maintain secure relationships, friendships, and sovereignty respect among states. Adversely, acquisition of territory by disputes remains an unsolved matter in international relations until this recent era. Consequently, the theme of research required an international law`s perspective on settlement of territorial disputes which is the biggest matter that generates an international relationships convulsion among states in the past and even in this recent world as well. The authors hereby divided the discussion on this research into two big parts: first, different methods of disputes resolutions in the view of International law, which subdivided into two small parts a) legal binding resolution and b) Non-legal binding resolution, and second, the trends of international law and capability of international organization on settlement of disputes recently, divided into different parts a) Choice of methods, b) Partiality and favoritism in adjudication of decision-making and c) Deficiency of UN`s organs. At the end, the conclusion presented areform plan towards an effective solution on resolution of territorial disputes. Further, this paper compiled UN views through different cases and legal comparisons towards a new perspective on how to settle territorial disputes efficiently and challenges of international law. Thus, this research is intended to be published as an accurate perspective on settlement of territorial disputes across the world, especially to
countries which need it.

Author Biographies

Juvelin Rezara, Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Born in Toliara City, Madagascar, Africa, October 12, 1995. He has been learning Law since 2013 for his undergraduate degree in Madagascar, TOLIARA province, at TOLIARA University, Faculty of ”DEGS”, Department of Law, and has graduated as Master of Public Law from that University as well. Recently he is being selected to join Ph.D program in Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Chongqing, China. He speaks 4 languages (Malagasy, French, English and Chinese) and has actively participated in some research activities, mostly in international law field. One of them is his participation on Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition, Geneva 2020.

Marcellino Gonzales Sedyantoputro, Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Born in Malang on the 26th of October 1981. He is currently Judge in District Court of Larantuka, Nusa Tenggara Timur. He has also been appointed to be Officer in charge of Public Relation of Larantuka District Court. He had been invited as Guest Speaker in ”the Annual Conference 2013 of the China International Economic and Trade Law Society and The Forum of the International Economic Trade and Legal Development”, Chongqing, China, on November 2013. He was graduated from Law Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung. He had been granted a scholarship of ”YES-Program” from the People’s Republic of China and had received his LL.M degree from East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL), Shanghai, China. He is currently joining in PhD program in Southwest University of Political Science & Law, Chongqing, China.