• Dewa Gede Giri Santosa Gedong Tataan District Court
Keywords: COVID-19, criminal trial, criminal procedural law, court


COVID-19 pandemic forced the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia to make several adjustments to the courts system of all in Indonesia, one of which was the adjustment of criminal procedural law in criminal trial proceedings. Some regulations were made related to the criminal trial proceedings in Indonesia to adjust to government policies that limit physical interaction between people. However, those regulations made by the Supreme Court also comes with challenges and problems in its implementation. This research was made using the normative legal research method, in purpose to find the changes made in the criminal trial proceedings in Indonesia due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also the challenges and problems encountered in its implementation. Through this research, several things that should be addressed for the change in the criminal trial proceedings amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia will not only accommodate the principle of expediency, but also the principles of justice and legal certainty .

Author Biography

Dewa Gede Giri Santosa, Gedong Tataan District Court

Dewa Gede Giri Santosa, S.H. is a Judge at the Gedong Tataan District Court. He got his law degree from the Faculty of Law, Gadjah Mada University in 2015. He has worked as an Industrial Relations Analyst in a private company in Indonesia for two and a half years and currently serves in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia since 2017. He has won several awards in writing scientific papers. He has an interest in criminal law, criminal procedural law, civil law, and current legal issues. He can be contacted via email: