• Benny Riyanto National Law Development Agency
Keywords: National Law Development, new normal, restriction, regulation


According to legal perspective, the Government’s plan to implement New Normal desires to restore economic life and public health as a manifestation of the fulfillment of citizens’ rights. From the description above, this paper will discuss several things, namely how the readiness of national Law to welcome the new normal era; how the constitutional legal system in the new era is normal; how is the urgency of structuring national regulations in the new normal era; and, how the influence of the new normal era for legal politics and public legal awareness. By using the normative juridical method, it can be concluded that the status of COVID-19 pandemic in Law is marked by the issuance of various legislative products to provide legal certainty of the Government’s policy to overcome COVID-19 and implement New Normal policy. The practice of state administration is increasingly being carried out in the executive, legislative, and judiciary environments by utilizing digital networks through application facilities that provide virtual me eting services.

Author Biography

Benny Riyanto, National Law Development Agency

Prof. Dr. H. R. Benny Riyanto, S.H., M. Hum., C.N. is a Head of National Law Development Agency – Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Republic Indonesia, whose also serves as a Professor in Law for Faculty of Law of the University of Diponegoro. His expertise in Civil Procedure Law reflected on the books published, among others ”Kebebasan Hakim”, ”Mengenal Alternative Dispute Resolution”, ”Hukum Acara Perdata Permulaan Proses di Pengadilan”, ”Mediasi sebagai Sarana Penyelesaian Sengketa Bisnis” and ”Hukum Acara Perdata di Indonesia”. Besides writing books, he also actively write several international manuscripts and journals such as IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, ”The Role of Notary Public Honorary Council in The Enforcement of Notary Code of Ethics in Indonesia,” Q3, 2018. Humanities & Social Science Reviews, ”Reformulation of Mediation in Dispute Settlement on Islamic Banking,” Q2, Vol 7, No. 4, 2019. International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, ”Application of Notary Responsibilities in Civil Arrangement of the Position of Notary and the Principle of Civil Alliance,” Q2, Volume 9, Issue 01, January 2020. The International Journal of Innovation, Creativity, and Change, ”Assessing the Concept of a Civil Partnership of Notary in Indonesia,” Q2, September 2020.