• Maria Alfons BPSDM Kemenkumham
Keywords: Freedom, Security, Justice, Peace, General Election of State Stability


Elections have become the mainstream of modern countries. The election is based on the principle of equality, namely that every citizen has the same rights and position in the Government, therefore every citizen has the same power to govern. This people's power is the source of legitimacy and legality of state power. Freedom, Security, Justice and Peace in General Elections must be obtained by all Indonesians in essence. This certainly cannot be realized if there is no national stability. Elections do not only rely on the State or the military, but involve the strength and role of individual citizens including non-governmental or private organizations. In order to realize elections that are safe, fair and peaceful in the General Election, a full participation space and mechanism must be created, whereby citizens form a democratic mechanism and have the power to make decisions in accordance with the wishes of their own citizens, without any seduction or intimidation from the parties who have an interest, because the idea of democracy that is echoed is actually quite simple, namely to protect the rights of citizens in exercising the freedom to express opinions. National stability development needs to be developed with several approaches that can build the collective awareness of the Indonesian people to defend the State. Among other things, the State defense education is a basic need that cannot be bargained. The spirit of nationalism is a basic spirit or collective consciousness that can encourage a strength of security stability. For this reason, Freedom, Security, Justice and Peace in the General Elections must be guarded by the government and the government must develop the stability of the country in the implementation of the general elections well.